If you live in the Atlanta area, please click the link below to make an appointment.  If you live out of town, please go to the shipping instruction page for more information. 

Normal lead time is 6-10 weeks depending on the time of the year. If you need your quilt sooner than 4 weeks, sometimes I can guarantee delivery, but there is a 10% rush charge.

Less than 2 weeks? Please add 20%.

How to begin your T-Shirt Quilt

  • The first thing that you will need to do once you have decided to have a t-shirt quilt made, is decide what shirts will you use.  Keep in mind; I can work with just about any kind of shirt. This includes sweat shirts, bike jerseys, button up shirts, football jerseys, etc. I can also use baby clothes, favorite jeans, swimsuits, etc.  Really there is no limit. Special items, that cannot be cut into a square, but must be applied to a square, do cost extra.  Please inquire regarding these costs.

  • Don’t worry if your shirts have tears or stains. I can work around most imperfections and you will be amazed how nice they end up looking once they are pressed and assembled into your quilt!

  • All shirts need to be clean and dried with out the use of any fabric softeners or dryer sheets. The coating left behind by these products make them difficult to work with.

  • Once they are all cleaned you need to decide; if a shirt has information on the front AND back - which side you want to use in your quilt, or if you want both. They are many ways that I can work with smaller “chest prints”. Sometimes chest prints have dates and places that are not mentioned on the back. (See the photo gallery for different ways of using these prints). ​Normally I can add the chest print to the back of the shirt.  If the full front and back are used, this will count as two shirts. There is no charge for adding a small chest print to the back of shirt, to make one square. Keep in mind that if you are going to have a collage quilt made, then each part of the shirt will be used as separate squares. 

  • DO NOT CUT YOUR SHIRTS! If you are going to be bringing your shirts to our studio, then we will go through your shirts and I will make notes about which parts of the shirts you do/do not wish to use. If you are shipping your shirts to us, use a safety pin, piece of masking tape, (please don't use duct tape as it leaves a sticky residue!) sticker, etc. to indicate which side (sides) of the shirt is to be used.

  • Once you have all your shirts ready you can bring them to my studio, or ship them if necessary. Please use the Shipping Info  tab for more info about getting your shirts to me

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