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Frequently Asked Questions

T-Shirt Quilts

How many shirts do I need to make a t-shirt quilt?

This is probably our most popular question! The choice is really up to you! We can use as few as 9 shirts to make a 9 shirt gallery quilt and over 50 shirts to make a king size collage style quilt. Generally I tell people there are 3 criteria when planning your quilt.

1-      How many shirts do you have? If you only have 20 shirts, then you will be limited to a 15-20 collage, maybe a 20-30 collage, or a 20 shirt gallery style quilt.

2-      What size quilt would like to end up with? You may have 50 shirts, but you really just want a throw or twin size quilt. In this case you might need to cull down the shirts that you have.

3-      What is your budget? We encourage you to take a look at our price list to see all the pricing options.

Can I use non t-shirt items in my quilt?

You bet! We use all types of items. We use dri-fit poly shirts, all kinds of sports jerseys, basketball pennies, bathing suits, sweatshirts, neckties, etc. (sorry but no underwear!). Please bear in mind that if you use items that cannot be machine washed (silk or delicate items, school letters, etc.) this will affect the way that you can launder your quilt. We provide care instructions with all completed quilts. The quilts are machine washable depending on the items used.

Do you make memorial quilts from Non T-shirt items?

Yes, we do make these kinds of quilts and other keepsake items. Normally, an On-Point quilt is the best choice for non-graphic t-shirts items. This is a more traditional looking quilt. We also make keepsake teddy bears and bunnies as well as On-Point pillows. In these kinds of quilts we can use all types of clothing items—jeans, jackets, sweaters, dress shirts, etc..

How long does it take to get my quilt done?

Our normal lead times vary from 6-10 weeks, depending on the time of the year. Graduation season and the holiday season are our busiest times. During these months our lead time may go out to 10-12 weeks. We encourage people to plan ahead during these times and get your items into us early. For graduation we would recommend dropping off items by early March for a mid-May delivery--For holidays, early October.

I'm waiting for a last shirt--- should I drop off stuff now or wait until I have all the items for my quilt?

Once you drop off your items to have a t-shirt quilt made, it will be several weeks before we get started on your project. We can make a note on your work order that you will be bringing by or mailing more items. We will check with you before getting started to make sure that we have everything that you want included in your quilt. This is especially useful for graduation quilts. If your graduate has a state tournament or other event later in the spring, by all means, we can include it! Just make sure to get the rest of your items to us and get on the schedule as soon as possible so we can get your quilt done before graduation.


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