Why have a tee shirt quilt made?

  1. You love your shirts, but let's face it, you can only wear so many tee shirts!

  2. You drawers are overflowing!

  3. Your son or daughter is graduating, and you need the perfect gift and they need a blanket for their dorm room!

  4. Your folks are about to celebrate an anniversary, and this year you want to really surprise them with a truly unique gift (ask me about collaboration quilts).

  5. Your children are wearing tee shirts that are WAY to small for them, but they really, really love that shirt!

  6. You have done the Peachtree Road Race for 15 years and you can't part with those shirts!

  7. Your husband is having a birthday and he has WAY too many tee shirts!

  8. You love the giddy feeling you get when you are about to give someone the perfect gift, and you are more excited for them to open their gift than they are!

  9. You have lost a loved one and have all their favorite tee shirts and want to create a quilt to memorialize​ them.

  10. Because tee shirt quilts are really cool!

Sean LOVED his quilt.  He forgot all about it and was surprised when he opened the box I had it in.  He is amazed at the photo squares and said everything that he would want is on it. Thank you for making this quilt and helping to plan it out.  It is on his bed now. Will contact you in the future to do another quilt.

~Marcie C., Atlanta, GA​​​

Amy, the quilts were a big hit AND a big surprise. They had a great time looking at all the t-shirts and reminiscing about the events surrounding them. These will give lots of pleasure for a long time not to mention keep them warm while they're reading or watching their beloved football games. 

Really appreciate your patience in designing just the right way to put them together. 
~ Donna L., Roswell, GA​

My husband loves his Quilt!  He said it's the best Xmas present he has ever gotten. Besides his Harley! 
~ Sheila G., Alpharetta, GA​

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