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Longarm Quilting


Prices are based on the size of your quilt and the complexity of the pattern.

We charge by the square inch. To figure the square inch of your quilt top, measure the width and the length and multiply them together. This will give you the total square inches of your quilt. Then multiple the total square inches by the type of quilting you request. Example: A quilt which measures 60 X 72 = 4320 square inches X .02 (2 cents per square inch) = $86.40.

We charge by the square inch in 2 different categories.  All patterns are Edge to Edge.

  1. Standard Patterns -this is a simple edge to edge design, with good coverage. You can refer to our Ordering page, under quilting patterns for some examples. The standard patterns are all offered at the 2 cents per square inch price. We also have lots more patterns stitched out at the shop that you can review upon drop off.
  2. Premium Patterns- these are more dense patterns and cost 3 cents per square inch. Again, please refer the quilting patterns above- but refer to the premium patterns for examples. I can always add more patterns upon request.

There is a minimum charge of $50 for any longarm quilting project. We offer complimentary trimming for all longarm projects.

​Here is the longarm quilting work order form if you have a mail order please print the form, fill it out and put it in the box with your longarm project.

*Above prices do not include batting.

Quilt top preparation:

To assure a quality finished product and minimize your cost, please follow these basic guidelines:

  • Your top must be clean, pressed well making sure all seams are pressed flat, points and threads clipped and removed or they may show through later, Please remove pins or basting threads.
  • Make sure the quilt top is pressed and lays flat to prevent puckering.
  • Square-up and trim quilt top to its final size—measuring the same amount in 3 places in both directions.
  • Measure and press backing fabric —it should measure at least 8 inches larger and wider than your top. For example, if your quilt top measures 60 x 80 your backing fabric should be at least 68 x 88. Backing fabric should be squared up on all sides.
Batting –
Quality batting is available and can be purchased from us. 

Hobbs 80/20 (80% cotton & 20% polyester) @ $ 11.00 per yard (batting is 90 inches wide). We also offer 100% cotton warm and natural and 100% wool batting. 

Backing –
Most people provide the backing for us, however if you do not have backing available we can provide a backing to compliment your quilt top. We offer Kona 100% cotton solids and Moda Bella solids in a range of colors. Backing is available at $8.99 per yard.

Your backing needs to be 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than your quilt top. There is an additional charge for seaming the back and ironing or other work needed before quilting.

Binding -
We also provide Binding services at 2 different levels.

  1. You provide the binding fabric; we make the binding and machine sew on the front and back with mitered corners for .25 cents per linear inch. If you provide the binding already cut and pieced, the cost will be .20 cents per linear inch. Binding needs to be cut at 2 1/2 inches and does not need to be pressed in half.

Quilt Trimming –
If we are not binding your quilt when completed we offer complementary quilt trimming. Let us know if you would prefer to trim your quilt yourself.

Shipping information –
We can ship your completed quilt via UPS. Shipping costs can vary depending on location TBD. Please print the Work Order form and follow the shipping instructions found on the Ordering page, under shipping your Quilt.

An estimate will be provided once we receive your quilt top. Payment is due when your quilt is completed, before shipping. You are of course welcome to bring your top by if you are in the Atlanta area! 

​Lead time will vary from 4-6 weeks depending on the project and time of year.

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