Quilting 101

Here are some definitions and diagrams to help you know how to design your quilt.

Quilt Styles

There are two basic quilt styles.  Gallery Quilts that have the same size squares, lined up in rows/columns, and separated by sashing material.  A collage quilt has different size squares put together in a beautiful hodgepodge pattern.

Collage Quilt

Example of a Collage Quilt


Example of a Gallery Quilt

Quilt Parts

Here are the parts of a quilt.

  • The light green and green colors represent the quilt squares.

  • The black represents the sashing.  Note that only gallery quilts have sashing.

  • The light blue is the border.

  • The red is the binding.

Quilting Patterns

The quilting pattern is the stitching that holds the layers of the quilt  together (pieced quilt top, high quality Hobbs batting, Kona cotton backing).  We have many different patterns available.  See the Quilting Patterns page for more examples.

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